The Longest Trek: My Tour of the Galaxy

The Longest Trek: My Tour of the Galaxy
by Grace Lee Whitney.
Quill Driver Books.

Grace Lee Whitney has boldly gone where no woman had gone before. She has explored the boundaries of the galaxy and at the same time went from being an atheist, an alcoholic, and a drug user to a beautiful Christian with a message of hope for all who have heard her speak or read her book.

The author had already had a successful career in film and television when she won a coveted role on the original Star Trek TV series as Yeoman Janice Rand. This was a show that became a legend and changed the image of science fiction in the media. It spawned four spin offs, several successful films, and caused its stars to be in constant demand at media conventions. Grace Lee in her book traces her own life, her experiences on Star Trek, and her transformation from a non believer to one Leonard Nimoy, in the book’s forward, describes as “amazing Grace”.

Grace Lee describes her life as a journey and candidly relates things that led her into the darkness and how she found the light. For Trek fans there is sufficient new information to satisfy the most ardent devotee. For general media fans there is much information to hold their interest. However, this is just the gloss to set up the real story.

She recounts how she abused alcohol and drugs and how she herself was sexually abused. It would seem like she faced insurmountable odds to ever find salvation. However, no odds are too great for God to overcome. A friend got her into AA and it was through the twelve step program that she found God. At the very first meeting Grace Lee felt she was home and during “The Lord’s Prayer” she knew that God was listening to her. .

The author has not touched drugs or alcohol since and has witnessed her faith whenever and wherever she has had an opportunity. She has been a leading worker with others in AA and has spoken in churches, organizations, prisons, and media conventions. One highlight since her change was a visit to Jerusalem where she had a miraculous experience.

Grace Lee Whitney is a woman with a mission and this book is a continuation of it. Unfortunately she has at times been faced with censorship in the media and at conventions by those who do not want her to mention God or the name Jesus Christ. This has not discouraged her as she has discovered the real universe and she happily tells all who will listen what God has done in her life in a most moving way. Readers may purchase an autographed copy of this book directly from Grace Lee.

Just write to Grace at P. O. Box 1869 Coarsegold, CA 93614, USA and enclose a check for $20.00 made out to her.