The Story Behind the Poem

As you read in our first issue's cover story, at age l8, Marilyn Louis,who was to become the glamorous Rhonda Fleming, was signed to a long-term movie contract after being "discovered" one morning on her way to high school. She started with a top-featured role in Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbound.

She seemed to have the world in her hands: fame ahead of her, stardom in forty films and a place as one of the legendary actresses of her time. But she immediately found herself in an unfamiliar, fast moving lifestyle for which she was totally unprepared. The onslaught of publicity and attention, and total lack of experience, threw her into deep insecurity and despair -- and when another young contract player who had been beset with similar problems took her life, Marilyn, in her despondency, cried out to God for help and guidance.

He heard her desperate plea. Warmth and incredible love engulfed her as the Holy Spirit touched her and Christ came into her life. And a humble, grateful, teenager was inspired to write this magnificent poem.

God, make my life more worthy
Give me thy holy sight
Lift my eyes, my soul to thee,
Reveal one spark of light.

God, my soul cries out to thee,
hungrily I pray
is there room for one like me?
I’ve sought thee through each day,
Tho’ times there were
when sin and strife
Enveloped me and ruled my life;
My god became all earthly riches
Gold and power, - painted witches.

Bodies cannot thrive on weeds
Nor can souls survive on greeds;
Emptiness had clutched my heart
Loneliness and fear did start.
Oh, my God, I turn to thee,
uprooted and alone,
Hear this prayer in humble shame,
before thy glorious throne;
No man could quench the internal fire,
The burns are all too deep;
But there is one, He died for me,
He said, "I am yours if you but seek."

Hope began to fill my breast,
Could these words be true?
My pulses slowly beat afresh,
New thoughts began to brew.
"Seek me, Seek me." - how, I said,
I have no right to thee,
My mouth has scorned thy very name,
Thy truths I could not see,
Then - suddenly - a voice within, -
But, "My truths will set thee free."

My Lord, you heard, you understood,
You cleansed me and forgave;
O God, to you I give my life,
this life that thou didst save.
Now it’s clear - I see the light -
This old world’s just as I;
Without thy love and cleanliness,
its soul will surely die.

God reach out thy powerful tender arms,
Touch hearts in need this day,
Show us how beautiful life can be,
If we but know thy way;
We’ll build together, You and I
The links of thy Great Chain, -
Through now and all eternity
Thy promises shall reign.