Why this publication? Why this title?

This is a continuation of a dream, a dream that God has for us. No one can doubt the tremendous influence of the entertainment media over the years for good or evil. As audience members we are captivated by life styles and philosophies held by writers, producers, directors, censors, and performers. Unfortunately in recent years the media has seemed to be less an instrument for good and more an advocate for bad behavior. The nation’s movie screens and television sets are filled with productions that promote the lowest common denominator in morals, manners, and taste. The excess of sex and needless violence have had a negative effect on values in this country and have reflected us badly in other parts of the world. It would be too easy to wash our hands of the media and to paint all of it with the same brush. This would be a major mistake.

The good news is that great family films and TV shows are being produced, but unfortunately they do not get all the support and recognition they deserve. There are film and TV show makers who are doing an outstanding job to bring us positive, uplifting, and family entertainment. There are producers, writers, directors, and stars who seek to reflect our Christian-Judaic heritage in their work and to reverse the present trend. These are people who need our attention, our support, and our prayers.

It was in this spirit that the first of two Christian Media Conventions was put together three years ago in the Roanoke Valley of Virginia. Titled Point North †, it featured film and TV stars, musicians, fledgling film makers, and church leaders. Rev. Tom Parrish described the program as “planting a seed, one that would create a ripple effect.”

The name Point North † was suggested to us by classic Star Trek actress Grace Lee Whitney. The name is also one used by a Christian jazz band run by her son Jonathan Whitney who graciously shared it with us. The title Point North † is about reaching higher. The North Star is a fixed point that is outside of ourselves. It guided the slaves to freedom. Americans regard it as a positive thing on a subconscious level. It causes us to step outside of ourselves and affirms the moral code that has been programmed into us by our Creator. C. S. Lewis called it “The Law of Nature of decent behavior...a real right and wrong” (The Case for Christianity). Look up and you will find more than the North Star. You will find the One who changes not, our true reference point and center.

This magazine on the net is a continuation of “the dream”. We will be featuring media stars who will give witness of their faith. There will be film and TV news and reviews and information about how our readers can help the cause for better entertainment. This web page is titled Pointing North † to keep the spirit of the first Christian Media Conventions alive. With your help, we will grow in size and quality. We are looking for contributions in ideas, articles, art, and yes, advertising and donations. Most important we need your prayers. Please let us hear from you as your input is vital to our success. May God bless you all.

-Fred R. Eichelman